Anime Subs Comparison & Download Guide

For anime enthusiasts, it’s often challenging to determine which among the numerous anime streaming services available is the best choice. This article aims to uncover anime on-demand services that satisfy anime viewers and compare popular subscriptions from different perspectives, culminating in a recommended subscription ranking list.

Comparison Points and Selection Criteria for Anime Streaming Services:

  1. Available Content: The breadth of content available in the streaming service’s library is crucial. Checking if the desired anime series are offered is a priority when choosing a subscription service.
  2. Diverse Content Lineup: Beyond anime, many viewers also seek access to dramas, movies, documentaries, variety shows, and original productions. The richness of genres apart from anime is another essential factor to consider when selecting a subscription.
  3. Monthly Subscription Fees: Most streaming services operate on monthly subscription plans, and evaluating the cost-effectiveness concerning the variety of available content is pivotal.
  4. Free Trial Period: Many subscriptions offer a free trial period for first-time users. It’s important to verify the duration of the trial and the extent of content available during this period.
  5. Playback Features: Enhanced playback features like skipping intros or variable playback speeds contribute significantly to the viewing experience. Also, some streaming services might lack download options, impacting offline playback.
  6. User Reviews: User feedback and reviews often offer real insights into the pros and cons of a streaming service. Leveraging these firsthand experiences helps in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each service before making a choice.

Recommended Anime Streaming Subscriptions

Here’s a summary of the recommended anime streaming subscriptions:

  1. DMM TV – Offers a vast range of anime and 2.5D productions, boasting over 12,000 titles in total for a monthly fee of ¥550. Provides 5,000+ anime titles for unlimited streaming.
  2. U-NEXT – Leads in total content, with over 27,000 titles in various genres, offering more than 4,800 anime titles for ¥2,198 monthly, with a 31-day free trial.
  3. danime – Specializes in anime with 5,300+ titles, offering anime-only content for ¥550 monthly, also providing a 31-day free trial and various features like live voice actor broadcasts.
  4. Hulu – Hosting 1,000+ anime titles and over 100,000 titles across genres, it’s ideal for those who prefer anime aired on Nippon TV. Priced at ¥1,026 monthly with a two-week trial.
  5. Anime Houdai – Houses over 4,600 anime titles, available at ¥440 monthly with a 31-day free trial, enabling access to nearly 5,000 titles for unlimited viewing.
  6. Disney+ – Showcases over 16,000 titles across Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar content for ¥990 monthly, without a free trial but allowing simultaneous viewing and dubbed/subbed options.

These platforms offer varying anime titles, subscription prices, and trial periods, catering to diverse preferences and budgets.

How to Download Anime from Anime Subscription Sites

Some anime streaming services impose various restrictions on downloading. However, using the power of a video downloader like StreamFab, it becomes possible to enable offline playback of anime.


With StreamFab(Produced by dvdfab 無料), you can download anime, TV shows, and movies from over 1000 video streaming sites such as Amazon Prime, Netflix 録画, Hulu, Disney+, U-NEXT, Tver, TELASA, ABEMA, FOD, Paravi, dTV, Rakuten, HBO, and more in up to 1080p/720p high quality and save them in MP4/MKV format.

Features of StreamFab:

  1. Supports over 1000 video sites
  2. Download videos in up to 1080p/720p high quality
  3. Saves in versatile MP4/MKV format for playback on various devices
  4. Batch download multiple videos
  5. Automatically download scheduled programs daily or weekly
  6. Option to select audio and subtitle languages
  7. Save subtitles and metadata together
  8. Removes ads displayed during downloads
  9. Provides permanent free YouTube downloads

Step 1: Launch StreamFab and access the anime subscription site (explained using U-NEXT as an example) After installing and launching StreamFab, click “VIP Services” and then click the “U-NEXT” icon on the right-hand side.

Log in to U-NEXT and find the anime you want to download.

Step 2: Downloading anime from U-NEXT Select your favorite anime and press the play button to automatically start analyzing the anime. Once the analysis is successful, a download window will appear.

Select the episode of the anime you want to download, choose the resolution, and then click the “Download Now” button.

Step 3: Check the progress of anime downloads You can check the progress of downloads under “Downloading” on the left side. Successfully downloaded anime will be saved under “Downloaded”.

Anime Subscription FAQs

Q: What are the key points to check in subscription plans?

A: When comparing subscription plans, focus on the free trial period, monthly fees, offered perks, payment methods, and billing dates.

Q: Will there be any penalties if I cancel during the trial period?

A: Canceling during the free trial won’t incur monthly charges. However, if you don’t cancel after the trial period, you’ll automatically enter the paid plan.

Q: Can subscription reviews be trusted?

A: Regardless of the subscription, it’s recommended to participate in the free trial before committing, allowing you to experience its usability firsthand.


This article selected the top 6 anime subscription services based on comparison points for unlimited access services. While unlimited access services offer a wide range from popular new releases to more obscure titles, utilizing StreamFab, a versatile downloader, can enable offline anime playback, making it a powerhouse subscription service.


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