Answering Questions About Muay Thai Boxing Class and Camp in Thailand

Thousands of people are intrigued by Thai boxing and everything which it represents. They are particularly interested in the lifestyle of Thai boxing fighters and how these people live their lives. Muay Thai fighters are not always as much in the spotlight as boxers and MMA fighters and therefore information about how they live their lives is frequently not so easy to discover. Something which is generally agreed on is the fact that Muay Thai boxing fighters in Thailand is closely monitored particularly those who live in Muay Thai boxing training camps. They are surrounded by coaches and other students and they are constantly reminded of the seriousness of what they are doing and what their objectives are which is to win as many fights as possible and to win lots of titles. Things outside of Thailand are somewhat different and fighters have more freedom and distractions which could have an effect on dedication and commitment. Students with clear objectives and ambition will require lots of motivation.  Muay Thai camp in Thailand is a good Muay Thai boxing class for fighter.

Tobacco smoke

Many Muay Thai health conscious students who come to Thailand for the first time is somewhat shocked to see that many Muay Thai fighters at training camps in Thailand are heavy smokers. This is because in Thailand fighters don’t have access to nutritionists and dietitians like people have in Europe and elsewhere. Furthermore it is mostly older fighters who are smoking and not the young generation who are serious about winning as many competitors as possible. Nevertheless smoking remains an incredibly bad habit that reduces the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream and replacing that oxygen with carbon monoxide  which can seriously impact the performance of a fighter. Another issue is the use of steroids which has been used in sport for a very long time. Boxing and MMA have very strict guidelines when it comes to performance enhancing chemicals but this is not true where Muay Thai boxing is concerned. Even so the vast majority of Muay Thai fighters don’t use steroids and therefore those who do is in the minority.

Alcohol consumption

Another surprise is that many Muay Thai fighters consume alcohol. However when preparing for competition fighters will cut out alcohol but at other times they have normal social lives. However others make full use of the fitness, weight loss and health benefits of Muay Thai boxing class. They exercise twice a day and six days a week and they are passionate about this sport. A Muay Thai lifestyle benefits the body in many extraordinary ways. People have greater muscle and bone strength as well as optimized cardiovascular systems which helps to prevent many of the diseases which afflict people today. Training sessions  are not necessarily Muay Thai related, sometimes students only run or they work on strength building exercises. Muay Thai gym near national park is a good Muay Thai boxing camp for everyone. In most cases Muay Thai boxing fighters in Thailand will fight every three to four weeks but this will depend on their level of preparedness and bodily resilience. Coaches and students will make a joint decision on the readiness of the student.


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