Easy And Temporary Style: Decorating Tips For Renters

As a renter, you may feel that your decorative choices are limited. Living in a rental property often means making do with someone else’s design decisions. However, it’s important to remember that there are numerous ways to personalize your space without risking your security deposit. With a touch of creativity, renters can transform their temporary dwelling into a home that reflects their style and personality.

This article will guide you through ten easy, temporary, and budget-friendly decorating tips for renters.

Embrace The Power Of Flowers

One of the simplest and yet most impactful ways to change up your style is through dried flower decorating. They bring in a touch of nature, lending your space an organic, soft, and charming vibe. Dried flowers are versatile, and they can be used in various ways – from creating an enchanting centerpiece on your coffee table to enhancing your bookshelf’s visual appeal.

You can even hang them from your ceiling or use them to adorn your windows. The best part? Dried flowers are long-lasting, easy to maintain, and don’t require any drilling or hammering.

Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper

For those missing the bold statement of a painted or wallpapered wall, peel-and-stick wallpapers are a dream come true. They’re available in a multitude of patterns and colors, are easy to install, and, most importantly, they’re removable. This gives you the freedom to experiment without worrying about damaging the walls.

Make A Statement With Rugs

A beautifully patterned rug can make a room feel cozier and more inviting. Use rugs to delineate spaces in open-plan apartments or to add color and texture to an otherwise bland room. Rugs are easy to roll up and move, making them perfect for renters.

Invest In Multi-Purpose Furniture

Space is often at a premium in rental apartments. To maximize your space, consider multi-purpose furniture. Ottomans that open up for storage, bookshelves with built-in desk spaces, and beds with drawers underneath can make a significant difference in small apartments.

Lighting Changes Everything

Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting. Swapping out harsh, unflattering overhead lights with softer lamps can dramatically change the feel of a room. Also, consider using fairy lights for a magical touch.

Use Mirrors To Enhance Space

Mirrors can make a small space feel larger, reflecting light and adding depth to a room. They are easy to hang and can be moved around as your style changes.

DIY Artworks

Art can add personality to any space. But rather than investing in expensive pieces, why not create your own? Whether it’s a painting, a collage, or even a framed piece of fabric, DIY artwork can be a fun and affordable way to personalize your rental.

Greenery For A Breath Of Fresh Air

Plants not only purify the air but also add color and life to your home. If you’re worried about maintenance, there are numerous low-care options or even realistic faux plants available.

Decorative Storage Solutions

If you lack storage, look for stylish boxes, baskets, or crates. These can double as décor and can be used to store anything from magazines to laundry or extra blankets.

Personalize With Accessories

From throw pillows to candles, small personal touches can make a big difference. Accessories allow you to express your style and add a touch of comfort to your space.


Being a renter doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or personality in your home. With these easy and temporary decorating tips, you can transform your rented space into a haven that is uniquely yours.

Remember, the key is to choose pieces that can be easily installed and removed when it’s time to move out, protecting your deposit while still making your space feel like home.


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