How Gelato 41 Strain Differ From Gelato 33 Strain

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Whether you are going to start your cannabis journey or are an enthusiast, you can experience two more enticing variants, Gelato 33 and Gelato 41. Currently, these strains are much popular in the cannabis industry. Because of their sweet gelatin texture, users like them and their demands are going high. 

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Before purchasing any Gelato form, you must come to know that there are some notable differences exist in both Gelato 33 and Gelato 41. Though both names highlight the same texture of Gelato, but how both differ from each other, read this article and know about them. 

Get to Know about Gelato 33 Strain! 

Gelato 33 is a Hybrid strain produced via cross-breeding Sunset Sherbet with Thin Mint GSC (Girl Scout Cookies). That’s why it generally exhibits uplifting as well as relaxing effects, which means balanced effects. 

Do you know how its name originated? It has a unique dessert-like aroma and appealing flavor that simply implicates the evocative, sweet, and creamy Gelato. 

There is high THC content in Gelato 33 that ranges from 20-25%. Thus, if you call this a highly potent strain, it would not be wrong to say. However, you must use it carefully, especially if you’re a newbie. 

Get to Know about Gelato 41 Strain! 

Interestingly, Gelato 41 – a Hybrid strain, is also produced via cross-breeding two distinct herbs; Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. Like Gelato 33, this strain also has high THC content, but its potent high-level effects show that there may be above 27% of THC levels. 

Moreover, Gelato 41 also has sweet, appealing, and creamy gelatine-like aroma and flavor. However, it’s unique due to its dense and resinous buds, mostly covered via a thick blanket of trichomes. Thus, the strain gives aesthetic appeal by having a unique and distinct texture, especially for cannabis connoisseurs.

How does Gelato 33 Differ from Gelato 41? 

Hope so, you’ve understood a little bit difference between both Gelato 33 and Gelato 41. But the major differences are going to be described as below. 

👉 See the Difference with Respect to Appearance  

Despite the part of the Gelato family, both strains differ from each other in terms of appearance. Figure out the given table!

Gelato 33 Gelato 41
  • Its buds are small or medium-sized, dense, and resinous, like popcorn.
  • These buds are mainly bright green with hints of purple and orange hair.
  • There is a heavy coating of trichomes that grants a more frosty appearance. 
  • Its leaves are somewhat broader and of a dark green hue. 
  • Its buds are large and more elongated, mostly cone-shaped.
  • These buds are light green, along with vibrant orange hairs.
  • In order to appear them frosted, there is a thick layer of trichomes.
  • Its leaves are narrower and in a light green shade.


👉 See Differences with Respect to Aroma & Flavors  

Both Gelato 33 and Gelato 41 share a sweet and creamy gelato-like aroma and flavor. But still, they have their own unique aroma and flavor profiles. Figure them out in the given table!

Gelato 33 Gelato 41
  • It’s known for its sweet and fruity aroma that seems appealing.
  • It exclusively exhibits distinct hints of lavender and mint. 
  • It has delicious, sweet, and fruity flavors, along with berry and citrus notes. 
  • It’s known for a more urgent and earthy aroma. 
  • It’s particularly accentuated by pine and diesel notes.
  • Its flavor profile is more complex due to having spice hints and a slightly herbal aftertaste.


👉 See the Difference with Respect to the Effects 

Though both Gelato 33 and Gelato 41 are Hybrid strains that exhibit balanced effects, but some aspects let them stand on different pages. Figure out the given table!

Gelato 33 Gelato 41
  • It has potential effects of euphoria and elevation. 
  • It can reduce cognitive conditions, i.e., anxiety and stress by creating the utmost calmness and composure.  
  • It can uplift mood and boost creativity manifolds. 
  • It’s an ideal choice for getting calm and boosting energy at once. 
  • It has more potent, tranquilizing, and sedative effects.
  • It can induce an in-depth couch lock and relaxed feel.
  • It lets the users chill out via unwinding the rest.
  • It can also cause a sense of drowsiness, so it’s recommended to take it at night. 


Closing Note

Overall, Gelatin 33 and Gelatin 41 share similar genetics, aroma and flavor profiles, and somewhat appearance. But surprisingly, there are several differences among both of them. From bud size to specific leaf shades, unique aroma to calm and energetic effects, you can experience a lot of things from these Hybrid strains of cannabis. However, the severity of the effects also varies, so be conscious while taking the dose. Anyhow, enjoy the experience with these great cannabis variants!

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