How Streaming Services Are Adapting to the TikTok Generation

The uproar of TikTok in Gen Z is riding incredibly high, making it a global sensation. TikTok has successfully appealed to a large audience in a concise span of time. Millions of people of almost every age group have joined the platform, which creates short and interactive videos.

It is a beautiful platform to showcase your talent to the masses and engage with them through various challenges, such as lip-syncing and prevalent dance steps to comedy performances. TikTok is famous for providing a platform for its users to express themselves and introduce new creative and trendy challenges and trends which spread like wildfire and caught the attention of many! Making it a part of our daily entertainment, which is hard to neglect.

The growing popularity of TikTok is escalating fast, as Gen Z has been inseparable from it. Making it rank among the top of the most popular platforms, leaving even YouTube behind it. This tough competition has made the streaming platforms ponder over the fact of how to catch up with the insane vogue of TikTok among the youth.

To tackle this, Hulu and other platforms are deriving ways to grant and expand their access to the youth, As Gen Z has to use VPN to access Hulu in Canada and other regions.

From Viral Videos to Global Influence

the existing competition between TikTok and streaming platforms has become tighter as TikTok is now the second most used platform, marking its significance even in the mainstream media. The preference of the youth has clearly indicated that they would rather watch and consume content from TikTok the whole year than watch streaming platforms.

Even research has shown the split of people, with 52% of people going with Tiktok for consuming content and the rest going with the streaming platforms. This overtaking impact of Tiktok has made the other platforms adopt the necessary amendments to cater to the younger audience and save their audience from getting snatched by this app.

How Tiktok Shaped the Mainstream Media

TikTok being the mandatory and favorable app of the youth, has now compelled the big mainstream houses to adjust their content according to the need of the time, but how? Let’s take a look at it.

Pint-sized Content

Now streaming services are emphasizing creating bite-sized content, which is usually the reason why Tiktok is famous among the youth. Many short films are created by prominent streaming platforms whose stream time is around 10-15 minutes.

This engaging content attracts many viewers. Similarly, various platforms are investing in producing micro-documentaries and series which are not dragged but kept concise and impressive to be consumed within a few minutes by the audience—a perfect move to attract an audience who is into consuming snackable shows and movies.

Coalition with Tiktok Creators

The another wise move of streaming platforms to adopt the change is they are joining hands with the Tiktok sensations. They are producing shows and movies and exclusive content featuring the TikTok rising stars, inclining their massive following to their streaming platform.

Hence, it helps both of them to gain attention. The other thing is that TikTok stars use their platform to promote a particular favorite content from a specific streaming platform, inviting their enormous following to watch the content.

Assimilating TikTok Trends

Popular streaming services are now merging the popular TikTok trends into their promotional campaigns. For instance, they are using a particular trendy dance challenge or creating such content which Gen Z can relate with.

Hence, they are embodying the TikTok content on their own to attract a newer audience. Also, they are prone to create content using trending hashtags to create a sense of harmony between the two platforms.

Engaging Activities

Many streaming platforms tend to adopt interactive activities to engage audiences employing poles and quizzes, making the audience not just watch but also take part in anticipation of the shows and influence the storyline with their opinion.

Also, they are offering the users the opportunity of proposing their content. The content with the potential and gripping storyline could get a chance to get featured in the streaming service offerings.

Better Social Sharing Feature

The streaming services incorporate services akin to Tiktok, like introducing a friendly user interface. This will allow the users to share the clips and bits of their favorite content or thrilling trailer of a movie with their friends and family on TikTok and other social media platforms. This handy feature has the ability to gain new viewers as well.

 Customized Recommendation

Streaming platforms like Hulu and HBO Max have introduced a feature that includes Tiktok trends and challenges in their recommendation panel, which is inspired by the popular trends on Tiktok. This will automatically generate suggestions based on the users’ viewing habits and the popular Tiktok trends.

Wrapping Up

The streaming services adopting the trends and techniques of the viral social media app TikTok is unsurprising, as it is a general rule of supply and demand. And apparently, the large sum of viewers is the young generation who is hinged on Tiktok.


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