How to Find Your Child the Right Pair of New Shoes

Every year, people in the United States spend over $61 billion at shoe stores around the country. More than 319,000 people work at these stores to help people enjoy new shoes. Shoe store revenue in the United States has managed to grow by about 0.7% every year for the past five years.

These numbers are a clear indicator of how much people value buying new shoes, including for their children. However, it is easy to make serious mistakes when buying shoes for children.

That goes double because you will not get to feel for yourself how a pair of shoes fit on your child’s feet. You will have to rely on their ability to notice any problems and report them to you.

However, there are also some techniques you can use to maximize the chance that you pick the right shoes for your children. So what should you focus on to find the right pair of new shoes for your child?

Read on to learn all about the top techniques for picking children’s shoes!

Know What Kind of Kids Shoes You Want

Some people end up picking shoes for their children that they do not even think are the right choice. This can happen if a child sees a random pair of shoes that they like and insists on getting them. Even if you do not give in to their insistence, this can make buying new shoes for your child much less pleasant.

You can avoid this problem by knowing in advance what kind of shoes you will get for your child. For example, if you already know that you want sandals or basketball shoes, then you can head straight to the section of the shoe store that sells them. That decreases the chance that your child will get distracted by the amazing variety of other shoes on display.

You should also think about your child’s wardrobe in advance. There are some amazing shoes out there, but if they do not go with the clothes that your child already has, they might not be the right choice for your situation.

It is also important to keep the season in mind when you are choosing new shoes for your child. Even if a pair of shoes looks great with your child’s wardrobe, they may not be practical if your child will need to wait several months before wearing them. That goes double because your child’s feet may have changed in size by then.

In general, thinking through what kind of shoes you will get for your child can make it easier to make the right selection once you are in the shoe store.

Prioritize Testing the Shoe Fit

These days, it is more common than ever for people to buy shoes online. This has led some people to develop the habit of buying shoes without testing how they fit first.

Whenever you buy shoes in person, you should make it a priority to have your child try them on before buying them. It can also be helpful to have your child walk around in them a little and get a feel for them.

If you buy shoes online, you won’t be able to do all of this. However, you should be ready to have your child try on the shoes when they arrive and return them if necessary.

Choose the Right Shoe Fitting Time

Although not everyone knows it, our feet change in size throughout the day. When we first wake up, our feet are a little bit smaller. As we use them throughout the day, they start to swell up a little bit.

That means that the time of day that you have your child try on a pair of shoes can affect how well they seem to fit. If a pair of shoes seem to fit perfectly first thing in the morning, they might turn out to be a little bit too small for your child during the rest of the day.

In most cases, it is a good idea to have your child try on shoes in the afternoon or evening. After all, it is usually better for shoes to be a little bit too big than for them to be a little bit too small.

Avoid Deals That Are Too Good to Be True

If you are not careful, you might end up buying shoes with quality problems that you do not notice at first. In particular, you might find an amazing pair of shoes in the right shoe size at a price that seems too good to be true. However, the more incredible a price seems, the higher the chance that there is something wrong with the pair of shoes you are looking at.

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Know How to Pick the Right New Shoes for Your Child

We hope learning more about how to pick the right new shoes for your child has been helpful to you. Some people get better at choosing shoes for their children over time through a process of trial and error. However, it is often better to learn about the insights that other people have had to help you get better faster.

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