How To Migrate Your Store From Wix To Squarespace

Wix offers intuitive tools and flexible payment plans to help small businesses expand quickly; however, it may not be the most advanced website builder on the market and many merchants look for alternative website builders as a result.

One of the most sought-after services available to retailers is assisted Squarespace to Wix migration provided by third-party services, but this can come at a high price: migration agencies typically charge hundreds to thousands of dollars for this service.

How it works

Squarespace and Wix both use different ecommerce frameworks, making it impossible to move their stores without first carefully studying both platforms and moving over their respective directories and data links. To successfully complete the migration of both web stores you will have to spend considerable time studying both platforms before copying content over.

Start the migration by choosing your source cart from Cart2Cart’s list, and pointing Cart2Cart towards it. A window should appear where you can select what entities to migrate over, as well as clear current data from your target store before beginning migration.

Both platforms are relatively comparable in terms of pricing. Wix offers more features than Squarespace does; for instance, its plan allows subscribers to sell subscriptions with free shipping, while Scheduling add-on allows appointment booking services – this costs an extra $16 monthly subscription fee compared to Squarespace plans that include these capabilities in its core plans.


If you are planning to migrate your website from Wix to Squarespace, it is essential to be aware that the process involves more than just transferring its content; domain name transfers can often take an extensive amount of time as well.

Squarespace provides four paid plans, each offering different features and prices. While the Light plan does not support ecommerce functionality, Core, Business and Business Elite plans all allow for you to build online stores.

Squarespace and Wix may not be your first thought when it comes to ecommerce platforms, but both provide powerful ecommerce tools which make them ideal for creating websites or online stores. In this article we’ll go over all of the available transfer from Squarespace to WIX migration methods as well as a fully automated process so you can start building your new site instantly – giving you more time and focus to dedicate on expanding your brand presence online.

Demo migration

The Demo Migration window gives you the ability to perform a trial transfer from Wix store to Squarespace platform before initiating a full migration process. Here, you can also migrate blog pages or enable smart updates for products.

Step two requires you to use Cart2Cart to identify both your source and target carts, select entities that you would like to migrate, upload files that will automatically upload at the same time, and match variables like languages or order statuses before beginning data migration.

As previously discussed, assisted migration is an option for merchants without the technical know-how necessary to manage a manual site transfer on their own. One advantage is having real professionals manage it for you – however this service often costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars for even basic sites.

Full migration

Wix to Squarespace migration requires manual work as there are no automated tools available, plus an in-depth review of both websites to make sure all entities have been successfully transferred over.

For this reason, it can often make more sense to hire a team of specialists who can manage this for you – but beware: migration agencies typically charge between hundreds and thousands of dollars for basic ecommerce site transfers.

Cart2Cart can help you avoid such fees while moving everything important about your store from one platform to the other. Just provide Cart2Cart with your source store URL and select its list of target options; the rest takes only hours: basic stores with few entities take the least amount of time while larger enterprises might require longer.


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