Is Ma Degree Really Hold Any Value In India?

Master’s degrees are necessary for developing a promising and fruitful career. They provide students with cutting-edge abilities, expertise, and knowledge that are highly sought after by employers across numerous industries. Additionally, a MA degree is often required for employment nowadays, particularly in specialised sectors like public administration, education, social work, etc.

In this post, we’ll discuss what makes an MA degree from ma Colleges in Bhopal worth pursuing. So, if you are planning to study MA degree, give this blog a read.

All about the MA degree

The postgraduate program, Master of Arts is a 2 years course offered by the best Arts colleges in Bhopal, in multiple subjects of humanities and social science. Students who are interested in advancing their career after BA, often opt for this program.

Take a look at the MA course highlights:

Course Level Postgraduate
Course Duration 2 years
Minimum Eligibility Candidate should have completed graduation degree or equivalent with minimum 50% aggregate marks.
Course Specialisation Hindi, Sanskrit, Public Administration, Physical education, Psychology, English, History, Economics, Sociology, Rural Development. Public health, social work, Rural science, and Home science education.
Average Salary Rs. 4,90,000


Is an MA degree worth it?

Undoubtedly, an MA degree holds good value in India and is worth pursuing. And there are various reasons behind it.

  1. Increased salary & job stability- One of the top reason students choose to study at MA colleges in Bhopal, after completing their graduation degree is it helps in increasing earning capabilities of the students. As employers from top organisations prefer to recruit candidates with higher academic knowledge and experience. Also, as you gain expertise in your subject, you will get job stability.
  2. Networking Opportunities- An MA degree is also worth it as it allows you to interact and create a professional bond with people belonging to your industry. You’ll get a chance to set up a strong professional network with your peer group & industry leaders through workshops/seminars or internship opportunities.
  3. Foundation for research work- After studying at the BA colleges in Bhopal, during your MA course, you will get access to use University resources such as their library, and you’ll attend seminars, and workshops that will help you choose the niche you want to do research in.  
  4. Higher education option- Students who want to enter the field of academics and become lecturers/professors, can further pursue an MPhil or PhD in their relevant subjects. And to enrol in these higher education courses, studying for a master’s degree is the basic eligibility criterion.
  5. Helps you gain expertise- For example, if you are studying at one of the renowned MA psychology colleges in Bhopal, hence you will learn the psychology concepts and skills in a more detailed manner than you learned in your undergraduate program. And it will help you make an expert and earn credibility in your domain. 
  6. Helps in Personality Development- MA courses from MA colleges in Bhopal will not only enhance your skillset and knowledge but will also help you develop your personality. The course curriculum of the MA degree includes various projects, assignments, presentation and that will help you build confidence level, interpersonal skills, team spirit, etc. Furthermore, these skills will help you in all spheres of life.
  7. Competitive advantage- Having a master’s degree from any recognised MA college in Bhopal will give you a competitive advantage in the case of hiring or promotion over candidates who have bachelor’s degrees in your domain. Hence, you’ll have higher chances of getting a job or promotion.
  8. Allows you a career switch option- The MA degree offers you the flexibility of switching your career option from any background to any background. MA course offers specialisation in various disciplines of humanities and you can take up specialisation based on your career goals and interest areas.

Why choose Mansarovar Global University for MA program?

  • This is one of the best MA colleges in Bhopal, which broadens the knowledge and skills of the students by following theoretical and methodological approaches.
  • This University has made strategic alliances with some renowned Universities from across the globe to offer student exchange and dual degree programs.
  • Faculty members of this college are highly qualified and research-oriented.
  • By giving students thorough training in technique, the best university in MP, Mansarovar Global University help students enhance their research skills.

Final words

If you want to improve your skills, and subject knowledge, and get good job positions in top organisations, you should choose to pursue a Master’s degree from top MA colleges in Bhopal. So, get ready to escalate your career with a master’s in arts program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the career scope for MA graduates in India?

MA graduates can either pursue higher education courses to enter into the research field or can join corporates or public sector organisations as journalists, project leaders, administrative officers, teachers, social workers, research analysts, historians, language interpreters, etc.

  • Who are the top recruiters of MA graduates in India?

TCS, Myntra, Amazon, Times of India, Hindustan Times, HDFC bank, ITC, ICICI Bank, Capgemini, and Goonj are some of the top recruiters of MA graduates. And after completing your MA degree from MA colleges in Bhopal, you can apply to any of these companies.

  • Is the entrance exam compulsory for getting admission to an MA course?

No, it is not compulsory. It depends on the admission process of the University whether they give admission on a merit basis or entrance. Various Universities give admission based on CUCET, DUET, IPU CET, TISSNET, AUAT, and JNUEE entrance examination but there are other top MA colleges in Bhopal such as MGU that gives admission on a merit basis.

  • Is MA compulsory to appear in the NET exam?

No, you can appear in UGC NET exam with a master’s degree in any discipline. You also need to score a minimum of 55% aggregate marks in your master’s degree.

  • Can I do MA and MBA together?

No, you need to complete one master’s degree at a time. You can study MA and then if you want to expand your career possibilities and want to take up higher management job positions then you can pursue an MBA program.


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