Poesia Acústica #6 – Era Uma Vez – Mc Cabelinho | Mode$tia | Bob | Azzy | Filipe Ret | Dudu | Xamã

The Hip Hop collective “Poesia Acústica” from Brazil recently released their sixth single “Once Upon a Time”. The single features the collective’s seven members: MC Cabelinho, Mode$tia, Bob, Azzy, Filipe Ret, Dudu and Xamã. The single is an emotional and powerful track that showcases the talents of each artist and their individual styles.

Acoustic Poetry #6: "Once Upon a Time"

The single “Once Upon a Time” is a powerful and emotional track that showcases the talents of each of the members of “Poesia Acústica”. The track has a driving beat that is accompanied by melodic guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. The track is a perfect example of how Hip Hop music can be used to express emotion and tell a story.

The track features MC Cabelinho’s smooth and melodic flow, Mode$tia’s rapid-fire delivery, Bob’s signature style of conscious rap, Azzy’s unique wordplay, Filipe Ret’s passionate vocals, Dudu’s passionate and soulful delivery, and Xamã’s experimental and avant-garde approach to Hip Hop. Each of the artists brings their own unique style and flair to the track, making it an exciting and engaging listen.

Featuring MC Cabelinho, Mode$tia, Bob, Azzy, Filipe Ret, Dudu, and Xamã

MC Cabelinho is the leader of the collective and delivers a smooth and melodic flow throughout the track. His lyrics are filled with emotion and are delivered in a passionate and heartfelt manner. Mode$tia’s rapid-fire delivery is a perfect contrast to MC Cabelinho’s smooth flow and adds an energetic vibe to the track. Bob’s conscious rap style is a perfect compliment to the other artists and his lyrics are filled with thought-provoking messages.

Azzy brings a unique wordplay to the track that is both clever and witty. Filipe Ret’s passionate vocals are a perfect match for the track and his soulful delivery is a great addition to the song. Dudu’s passionate and soulful delivery is a great contrast to the other artists and adds an emotional depth to the track. Xamã’s experimental and avant-garde approach to Hip Hop is a perfect fit for

On the 6th edition of the “Poesia Acústica” – a project created by the Paraguayan musical producer Marcelinho da Lua – six renowned Brazilian rappers gathered to perform a collection of songs.

Mc Cabelinho, Mode$tia, Bob, Azzy, Filipe Ret, and Dudu Xamã are the six artists that united to create a unique sound that blends different musical backgrounds, creating a completely new melody. The participating rappers come from a variety of musical styles and backgrounds, ranging from hip-hop to rap, reggae and funk.

With the title “Era Uma Vez”, the piece is a tribute to music and the remarkable ability of rap to bring together different musical worlds. As the video progresses, each artist adds their own distinct style, creating an energetic and captivating musical experience.

The harmony between Mc Cabelinho and Mode$tia is especially impressive as they harmonize and alternate throughout the song. Azzy adds a fresh flavor, blending rap and reggae with his smooth flow, while Bob and Dudu Xamã add a more relaxed vibe with their relaxed cadences. Last but not least, Filipe Ret stands out with a unique performance, combining rap and funk to create a powerful and mesmerizing rhythm.

Overall, “Era Uma Vez” is an incredible collaboration and a testament to the spirit of rap, which has the unique ability of uniting different genres and creating something truly unique.

The 6th edition of the Poesia Acústica is an impressive and unique collaboration that shows how rap can unite and create something truly special.


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