Rules for Catch-Up Bets In Tennis

The essence of the “catch-up” theory is to bet on the same types of bets each time, so that if you win, you can win back previous losses and come out with a profit. The foundation of the strategy is to constantly increase the bet amount in the event of another loss. That moment is fraught with danger – with a protracted series of failures, you can lose the entire game bank without waiting for a win. To avoid this, follow a few rules:

  • It is essential to have nerves of iron and high self-control;
  • The presence of a large game bank automatically increases the number of stages of the theory and mitigates a protracted series of losses;
  • Pay more attention to female tournaments, which are more unpredictable than male ones;
  • Select events with odds greater than 2.0;
  • Choose pairs where approximately equal opponents meet;
  • Do not make omissions in case of a series of losses – the missed stage may turn out to be winning;
  • Choose the bookmaker wisely: when playing “catch-up” on the exact score of 40:40, Betcity and National Casino are the most suitable.

Before you start betting in a real game, test the theory on paper several times due to the increased risk of “catch-up”.

Here is an example: 

Match Player A Odds Player B Odds Initial Bet Outcome Cumulative Balance
1 1.50 2.50 $10 A Wins $15
2 1.70 2.10 $5 B Wins $10.50
3 1.60 2.30 $10 A Wins $16.50
4 1.80 2.00 $5 A Wins $18
5 1.40 3.00 $10 B Wins $12
6 1.65 2.20 $10 A Wins $18.50
7 1.90 1.90 $5 B Wins $13.50
8 1.55 2.40 $10 A Wins $17
9 1.75 2.05 $5 B Wins $12.50
10 1.60 2.30 $10 A Wins $17.50


In this strategy:

  • You start with an initial bet of $10 on Player A in the first match, with odds of 1.50.
  • If your bet wins, you collect your winnings and move on to the next match with an updated balance.
  • If your bet loses, you increase your bet size to catch up on your losses in the following match while continuing to bet on the same player.
  • The strategy alternates between betting on Player A and Player B to catch up on losses.
  • The goal is to eventually recover your losses and make a profit.

Catch-Up Strategies In Tennis

There are many types of “catch-up” in tennis betting, but only a few combine justified risk and a solid probability of winning. Check out this link for additional hints.

To the Server

There is no point in betting on a powerful tennis player winning a game on his serve – bookmakers set low odds in the range of 1.10-1.20. It is worth paying attention to the “clear favorite – underdog” pairs, but the difference in the current level of play is not huge.

For young bettors who have little understanding of the level of play of many strong tennis players, we recommend paying attention to pairs where there is a small load on the outsider. Loading against a favorite without reason is a rare occurrence. This, in most cases, assumes that the outsider can give a worthy rebuff to the favorite and take part in his serves, and sometimes even win the match.

Let’s say that the loaded outsider won 15 of his winnings and the match in general. You shouldn’t blindly trust the experience and instincts of other bettors—analyze the meeting yourself to understand what the load on the outsider is based on. If the load has a serious basis, watch several games of the first set of the match to make sure the load is correct and bet on the outsider server. The main thing is the coefficient is within 2.0.

To the Receiver

Here, you are supposed to bet on the break of a losing tennis player, for which bookmakers often give high odds. Focus on female tennis.

There are plenty of breaks in male tennis. But due to the increased power of the serve, men more often take their games. Women’s serve power is much weaker, which allows the opponent to adjust to the serve and start an equal fight.

The main task is to carefully find a pair of tennis players who do not have a strong serve, being in approximately equal shape. As soon as one of the participants in the match (preferably an outsider) loses his serve, put the loser on the break. The odds set by bookmakers on the line do not always reflect the real balance of power.

Catching Up With Games

Each time the bet is placed on the tennis player winning the game on his serve. It is recommended to follow several rules:

  • Focus on male tennis;
  • choose a pair where there is no clear favorite;
  • bet on a tennis player who is in good shape and has a good winning percentage of his serves to win.

Under the indicated conditions for the server to win, bookmakers usually set odds of 1.50-1.60. Here the amount of the first bet is equal to 1% of the game bank. A complete loss occurs if 5 bets in a row are lost; at these odds, the game bank is not enough for the 6th step. It is not often that a tennis player who is in good shape and has a good serve loses more than 5 of his serves in a row. To reduce the risk of loss, experienced bettors advise waiting until a suitable athlete has lost 2-3 of his serves.

For the Winner

The vast majority of bettors try to bet every time on a strong athlete from among the top 50 to win, but you may encounter a problem: the odds for a tennis player to win in several sparring matches do not exceed 1.50. You can bet on victory at odds of 1.45, and in the next match, they will give you 1.20. The bettor risks large sums for a meager win.

You should choose a low-rated athlete, with a strong fighting character, who periodically beats strong opponents, and bet on him every time he is a clear outsider.


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