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Pastebin is a website where users can store text online for a set period of time. It is commonly used by programmers to store pieces of sources code or configuration information. However, it can also be used to store emails, and searching for emails on Pastebin can be a useful tool for security professionals.

Uncovering Emails on Pastebin

Pastebin can be searched for emails using the format “ ||@terra |”. This will return a list of all the emails associated with the respective email service providers found on Pastebin. The results can be sorted by newest or most popular, and can include information about the author, the time the post was created, and the number of views.

It is important to note that just because an email appears on Pastebin does not mean that it is being used for nefarious purposes. Many legitimate users may post emails to Pastebin for a variety of reasons. It is up to the security professional to determine whether the email is being used for malicious purposes.

Examining Common Email Services

Google Gmail is the most popular email service, with over 1.5 billion users. Searches for Gmail emails on Pastebin can be done using the format “”.

Yahoo Mail is the second most popular email service, with over 225 million users. Searches for Yahoo Mail emails can be done using the format “”.

Terra is a Latin American email service provider with over 35 million users. Searches for Terra emails can be done using the format “ intext:@terra”.

Finally, Microsoft Outlook (formerly Hotmail) is the fourth most popular email service, with over 120 million users. Searches for Hotmail emails can be done using the format “”.

Searching for emails on Pastebin can be a valuable tool for security professionals when investigating suspicious activity. By using the format “ ||@terra |”, security professionals can quickly and easily search for emails associated with the four most popular email service providers. is a popular online website where users can store their code, documents and other digital content. Recently, it has come to light that the site has been used to store emails associated with several popular websites such as,, @terra, and

It appears that has become an attractive destination for hackers, who use the site to store login credentials for these websites. This means that these credentials are available for anyone to see and use, thus enabling potential access to an individual’s account.

What makes this even more concerning is that many users of these websites do not take the time to change their account passwords after a breach of security. This means that if hackers use the email stored on to access an account, they may still be able to access the account if the user has not changed their password.

This means that it is imperative for users to take the necessary steps to keep their online accounts secure. This includes creating strong passwords, using two-factor authentication, and changing their passwords regularly. In addition, users should review their online accounts regularly to ensure that there is no suspicious activity taking place.

Though can be a useful site for storing code and other documents, it is important to remember that it can also be used as a tool for cyber criminals. It is therefore important to exercise caution and vigilance when using the website, and to take the required steps to protect your online accounts.


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