The Best Tour Companies for Sightseeing

When it comes to sightseeing and exploring the world’s most exciting places, it can be difficult to find a reliable tour company that offers the best possible experience. To make the search easier, here are some of the top-rated tour companies for sightseeing.
1. Viator: With an extensive selection of sightseeing tours around the world, Viator offers a wide range of experiences. This tour company caters to all kinds of travelers, from budget-friendly to luxury. From city tours to cruises, Viator offers a variety of sightseeing options to choose from.
2. Expedia: Expedia is one of the most recognizable travel sites, and they offer an excellent selection of sightseeing tours. From local tours to international trips, Expedia helps travelers find the perfect sightseeing experience for their budget.
3. GetYourGuide: GetYourGuide specializes in providing travelers with unique sightseeing experiences. With over 35,000 tours and activities in over 180 countries, GetYourGuide provides travelers with the opportunity to explore the world with ease.
4. Intrepid Travel: Intrepid Travel offers small-group sightseeing tours around the world. With their expertly curated itineraries, travelers can explore the world’s most exciting places with knowledgeable guides.
5. G Adventures: G Adventures is an adventure travel company that specializes in small-group tours around the world. From classic sightseeing tours to unique cultural experiences, G Adventures helps travelers explore the world in an authentic way. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly tour or a luxurious experience, these top tour companies for sightseeing offer a range of options to choose from. With so many great options available, you’re sure to find the perfect sightseeing tour for you.

Sightseeing is probably the most important aspect of a vacation, allowing the traveler to absorb the culture, see natural wonders and historical monuments, as well as gain unique insights into the beauty of a new destination. When choosing a sightseeing tour company, it is important to understand the options available and seek out the one that best meets your needs. The following article highlights the top 10 sightseeing tour companies for tourists around the globe.

First on the list is Intrepid Travel, a global tour operator that has been around since the 1980s. They specialize in immersive, meaningful travel experiences in over 120 countries, offering small-group tours, sailing trips, and other expeditions. Some of the highlights include walking safaris in Mongolia, archaeological explorations in Egypt, and trekking in the Himalayas.

Second is Abercrombie & Kent, which has been providing luxury travel experiences since its founding in 1966. They are renowned for their wide range of tours, which include services in polar regions, remote island getaways, African safaris, and city breaks. Each tour is tailored to suit the needs of each group, ensuring the best possible experience.

Third is G Adventures, an award-winning tour operator that prides itself on its commitment to responsible, sustainable travel practices. They offer an extensive range of tours, from trekking excursions to bike trips to sailing charters. In addition, they have recently launched tours that focus on areas of the globe that are off the beaten path, such as Cambodia and Tibet.

Trafalgar Tours is fourth on this list, renowned for its exceptional cultural experiences. Today, they offer a range of sightseeing trips, including guided walking tours, luxury cruises, and thrilling adventure experiences. They also have an impressive network of local guides who are passionate about their culture, allowing for unforgettable moments for each guest.

Fifth is Insight Vacations, a company specializing in Escorted Travel. Their tours are focused on exploring the best that each destination has to offer, from culinary experiences to unique architectural sites. Each tour is led by a knowledgeable and passionate tour manager from start to finish, providing travelers with the perfect balance between familiarity and spontaneity.

Sixth on the list is Contiki, a great tour operator for college-aged travelers or young adults. They offer an adrenaline-packed selection of tours, from exotic treks to overland journeys, all at a good value. In addition, they also have a range of “Live Like A Local” experiences that come complete with Insider Tips, like how to order specialty drinks in Thailand.

Seventh is GeoEx, which specializes in adventures to the world’s most remote, fascinating locations, such as Mongolia, India, and Peru. They use experienced local guides and custom-built vehicles to ensure your safety while unleashing the opportunity to explore, discover, and learn.

Eighth up is Gate 1 Travel, a tour company that focuses on creating unique and classic experiences. They have a variety of trips tailored to suit various interests, such as food and wine touring, archaeological exploration, and photography workshops.

Ninth on this list is Wildland Adventures, providing custom trips for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and active travelers. They offer diverse and immersive tours that take travelers to the most awe-inspiring places on Earth, such as tracking jaguar in Bolivia and trekking through African wildlife reserves.

Finally, we can’t forget TrekAmerica. They are the leading company for small group adventures in the US and Canadian Rockies, providing the perfect opportunity to explore hidden gems such as Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon. They also offer exciting and unusual activities such as whitewater rafting and kayaking, giving travelers an unforgettable experience.

No matter your destination, these 10 companies can provide you with an unforgettable sightseeing experience. From luxury cruises and small group tours to active adventures and culinary trips, each of these tour operators will ensure you get the most out of your vacation.


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