Tips to Maintain Leather Furniture

Any living space can benefit from the refinement and elegance that leather furniture can bring. Leather has a restricted range of shades, but because of its sleek and elegant appearance, it can be worn with any style and in any season. Your leather furniture from top suppliers like Johnny’s Furniture can last for many generations if properly cared for.

The following advice will help you take good care of your leather furniture:

1. Start with dust removal. 

Using a vacuum, remove any dust or debris from the leather furniture’s surface to begin your cleaning regimen. When doing so, utilize the soft brush attachment to prevent scratching your furniture.

2. Use a little detergent to wipe.

When cleaning your furniture, avoid using strong detergents, as this could harm the leather’s finish. Wipe the complete furniture set with a clean cloth dipped in a small amount of mild detergent. If you don’t have any commercial leather cleaning, you can use detergents made for delicate fabrics.

3. Clean up spills right away. 

Spills are regrettably inevitable, particularly if you have small children in the house. Blot spills with a dry cloth right away, then allows air to dry. Wiping will encourage the wetness to spread, so avoid doing so.

4. Keep it out of direct sunshine.

Avoid exposing your furniture to direct sunlight, which can age and dry out the leather, causing it to crack and change colour. Always keep leather furniture at least two feet away from intense heat sources.

5. Take out stains as needed. 

Different leather stains can be removed using different methods. To erase permanent ink stains, gently rub them with an isopropyl alcohol-soaked cotton swab. Remove grease stains from leather by blotting as much grease as possible with a dry cloth. After applying some talcum or cornstarch to the problematic region, give it some time to settle. Next, remove it with a gentle brush. The technique may necessitate multiple attempts.

6. Weekly maintenance.

At minimum once a week, clean your leather. You just need to use a dry microfiber towel to clean your furniture.

7. Ensure your furniture is out of reach of animals. 

Avoid letting your pets chew on or scrape the upholstery if possible, as this can cause irreversible damage.

8. Watch out for sharp items. 

Furniture should always be shielded from sharp objects like knives, watch straps, belt buckles, and scissors. These items can create unsightly scratches if you’re not careful.

9. Adhere to directions. 

The manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance guidelines are included with your leather furniture. Make sure you carefully follow these guidelines.

10. Seek expert assistance. 

If you see rips or cracks in your leather furniture, get help from a reputable furniture repair business. It’s a good idea to hire cleaning professionals occasionally.

There’s no denying that leather is an excellent option for upholstered furniture for several reasons. However, maintaining the finest possible appearance for leather requires some specialized knowledge, so it’s critical to understand how leather care guidelines vary from those for other fabrics.


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