Zodiac Signs and Their Elements– What They Are and All About Them

If at any point you have been reading your Horoscope, you may have read the terms’ fire element’ or ‘water element.’ Ask any Astrologer, and they’ll tell you that within the scope of astrology exist four distinct elements; those being Earth, fire, air, and water. All 12 Zodiac signs happen to fall under each of the four categories of elements, which means that within any particular element, there will be three Zodiac symbols that rule it. Understanding which element is associated with your zodiac sign helps us understand more about ourselves. This also tends to provide us more insight as to whom we are the most compatible with. For instance, no matter how odd it sounds, the Zodiac signs of Pisces and Scorpio come under the water sign, which means that they can make for wonderful romantic partners and even friends. That is because they are easily able to handle each other’s emotional Nature due to the similarity in elemental signs.

These four elements are also popularly seen in other forms of divination other than mainstream astrology, such as tarot cards. Once you start learning about the elements, you then realize that there exists more to you than just your sun sign; instead, Your entire chart comprises all four elements along with all 12 Zodiac symbols, each with varying influence over your chart. If you have an exact idea of where and when you were born, then you can use Any astrology App, even the best astrologer app, and have a birth chart generated online just for you. There can always be more than one element that is more dominant than the rest within your chart. So what does it mean? Read on to understand more about these elements.

Information about the earth sign:

The zodiac symbols of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn particularly rule the earth signs. Within a tarot card deck, the suit which rules the Earth signs are the Pentacles. It is said that Earth signs are particularly good at amassing wealth, alongside being fiercely loyal and grounded. You have a tendency to appreciate the finer aspects of life, Like good quality food and beverages such as wine. They are, by Nature, very patient and practical and are considered as sensual creatures. On the flip side, however, They are extremely inflexible and stubborn by Nature, you either listen to what they have to say or follow a certain way they say, or they don’t cooperate at all. They are too much in love with material things And can be fairly lazy for most of the time. Hey, if you want to win an Earth sign who may be a little bristled towards you, you can consistently offer them some good food and wine; essentially, they are big foodies, and they appreciate somebody who offers them regular food.

Information about the fire sign:

The fire signs are particularly ruled by the zodiac symbols of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Within a tarot card deck, the suit which rules the fire signs is of the Wands. The fire signs are considered to be carries Matrix bold and passionate by Nature. They happened to have charming, confident, and creative sides to themselves. The Sagittarius Leo and Aries science are those who can easily obtain huge Fame and Fortune through their signature intensity if appropriately channeled. On the flip side, however, fire signs often require to be the center of attention and are particularly known to be Vain, aggressive, and even selfish. They are known to be very impulsive by Nature and have a short fuse, which means that they can be angry quite easily. They tend to benefit from channeling this energy within them for good work rather than going on a Rampage and wishing away anybody who tries to say otherwise to them. The easiest way to win over a fire sign is just to ask them to talk about themselves and do nothing. That could be because they are slightly narcissistic by Nature.

Information about the water sign:

The water signs are ruled by the zodiac symbols of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Within a tarot card deck, The suit which rules the water signs is of cups. Water signs are known to be very sensitive, and profound by Nature. The element of water is considered to be the element of emotions. The water signs can feel and understand everything and can easily make great artists out of themselves due to their highly active imagination. They’re also incredibly loyal and compassionate by Nature. However, the sensitivity of the water signs can make them extremely sensitive to Nature and can hurt their feelings very quickly. They are also very moody and highly suspicious. Winning over a water sign can be extremely difficult as you would have to divulge your darkest secret to them.

Information about the air sign:

The air sign is ruled by the zodiac symbols of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Within a tarot card deck, the suit which rules the air sign is that of swords. Air is considered to be the element of intellect, and the Zodiac symbols of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra are considered to be extremely intelligent and highly rational beings. They tend to have significantly developed social skills and are generally great communicators—people with the air sign 10 to think logically rather than emotionally. On the flip side, the air signs are known to be cold and fickle by Nature. They are the kind of people who brush themselves off and move on the fastest. If you wish to win over an air sign, the best way to do that is to discuss politics with them.


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